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 Item: UB599
 Desc.: 21" Open Rose Bush x 12
 Pack: 12 pcs./min., 60 pcs./case
 UPC: 889999105992
 Color:  white, cream, pink, fuchsia, aqua, turquoise, red (dark), velvet red (light)
              lavender, purple, hot pink, yellow, flame, burgundy, navy blue
              brown, seafoam, champagne, light blue, country blue & black
              royal blue, eggplant, country blue, orange,
              NEW:   teal, peach, eggplant (see below)

 Please check availabilities before ordering.

 "This is our best-selling wedding quality and designed roses with an unbeatable value." 
  Flower: Rose 2.5"x 3" (12) Heavy gauge satin finished
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Earth Tone Colors    

Complete Item Info

cream (Cm)

champagne (Be)

chocolate brown (Bn)

velvet red-light (Vrd) aqua (Aq) country blue (Bl) orange (Or)

lavender (Lv)

burgundy (Bg)

black (Bk)

hot pink (Hpk)

yellow (Yl) peach (Ph) fuchsia (Fs) purple (Pu)
red-dark (Rd) white (Wt) royal blue (Rbl) navy blue (Nbl)
seafoam (Sf) turquoise (Tq) flame (Fl) light blue (LBl)

teal (Tl) pink (Pk) eggplant (Eg) coral (Co)
Available in Gold & Silver colors

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