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COLORS' FINISH: satin (semi-gloss), M.P. micro-pitch (flat), metallic (glossy)  

  Item: UB302  
      Desc.: 15" Red Lilac x 5  
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 48 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999113027
      Color: red, also available in everyday colors
      Flower: Lilac 3"H (28 flowers, 5)


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Christmas red (Rd)

  Item: UB179
      Desc.: 20" Long Stem M.P. Poinsettia 
      Pack:  2 doz./bundle, 32 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111795
      Color: red velvet      Item may or may not come with gold glitter
      Flower: Poinsettia 6" W

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red (Rd)  
  Item: UB141-2  (candle ring)
      Desc.: 24" M.P. Poinsettia Vine
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 32 doz./case 
     UPC: 889999111412
     Color: white, red (flat finished)
     Flower: M.P. (micro-pitch "velvet like")  Poinsettias 3.5" W (7)
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  white (Wt) red (Rd)
  Item: UB101  
      Desc.: 14" Metallic Rosebud x 6  (semi-gloss)
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 48  doz./case
      UPC: 889999111016
      Color: gold, silver, Also available in everyday colors 
      Flower: Rose 1.25"x 1.5" (6)



classic gold & silver

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gold (Go)

silver (Sl)

  Item: UB183
      Desc.: 14" Peppercorn Berry Pick x 6 w/glitters & pine cones
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 40 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111832
      Color:  red, m. silver, m. gold
      Flower: Pine Cone (2)
      Flower: Berry 2.5"H (4)
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  glitter red (Rd) metallic silver (Sl) metallic gold (Go)
  Item: UB140C
      Desc.: 13" Classic Poinsettia x 6 (No Glitters)
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 48 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111405
      Color:  white, red, pink, turquoise, yellow, royal blue, light blue, fuchsia, purple
      Flower: Poinsettia 4.5"W ( 6) w/ Green Poinsettia Leafs


Stars and stripes Christmas


pink (Pk) Snow white (WT)  Classic red (Rd)



royal blue (Rbl) turquoise (Tq) fuchsia (Fs)



light blue (Lbl) purple (Pu) yellow (Yl)



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