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COLORS' FINISH: satin (semi-gloss), M.P. micro-pitch (flat), metallic (glossy)  

  Item: UB111
      Desc.: 13" Christmas Carnation x 6
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 48 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111115
      Color: red, white
      Flower: Carnation 2.5"W (6)






Red & White Carnation
with Ornaments Centerpiece

red (Rd)

white (Wt)

red |white (Rd/Wt)



  Item: UB160
      Desc.: 13" Poinsettia x 7 (Special Satin)
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 48 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111603
      Color: red, white
      Flower: Poinsettia 4.5"W ( 7)



See Details Info 

Poinsettia Arrangement

red (Rd)

white (Wt)




  Item: UB140   
      Desc.: 13" Poinsettia x 6 (Glitters Center)   Available in classic Poinsettia with No Glitters
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 48 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111405
      Color: m. gold, m. silver, white, red
      Flower: Poinsettia 3"W ( 6) w/ Green Poinsettia Leafs
See Details Info  






metallic gold (Go) metallic silver (Sl) white flat (Wt) red flat (Rd)
  Item: UB182
      Desc.: 14" Classic Berry Pick  x 6
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 40 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111832
      Color: red, white, m. silver, m. gold
      Flower: Berry Cluster 2"H ( 6) w/Poinsettia Leafs




See Details Info
red flat (Rd) white flat (Wt) silver semi-gloss (Sl) gold semi-gloss (Go)  


  Item: UB181
      Desc.: 14" Poinsettia x 6 w/pine cones
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 40 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111818
      Color:  red, white, m. silver, m. gold
      Flower: Pine Cone & PVC Needle Pine (2)
      Flower: Poinsettia 3"W ( 4)




red flat (Rd) white flat (Wt) metallic silver (Sl) metallic gold (Go)
  Item: UB141-5
      Desc.: 5' M.P. Poinsettia Garland (5 Poinsettias)
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 48 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111412
      Color: pink, cream, light blue, white, red (flat finished)
      Flower: Red & White Poinsettia 3"W (5), except for  Pink, Cream, & Light Blue (6) and 6' 
See Details Info
  The garlands come with convenient hanging rings for display.




  Color: pink (Pk),  cream (Cm),  blue (Bl),  white (Wt),  red (Rd)



  Item: UB129
      Desc.: 12" Holly Berry x 6
      Pack:  2 doz./bag, 52 doz./case 
      UPC: 889999111290
      Color: green, variegated green
      Flower: Poinsettia Leafs (22, 6) w/Red Holly Berry
See Details Info


  green (Gn) variegated green (Var)



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